About Us

Back in 2004, our team created an invoice engine for a local bank. During the past 14 years of software development, we have learned so much about the invoicing and billing needs of many different types of businesses. We also learned it is very difficult and costly for small and mid-sized business to install, host and maintain their own invoicing services while also considering IT infrastructure costs, keeping servers PCI compliant, web hosting overhead, SSL certificates, technical support challenges, software upgrades, data backup and myriad other issues. This is where our expertise helps.

We re-designed and re-engineered our system from the ground up. We made it easy for you to use. You do not need to read our manuals, nor do you need an accounting degree to use our system. Once you sign up for our service (some are FREE), the system is automatically setup and ready for you to immediately use. Our staff is behind the system and makes sure everything works smoothly and efficiently. We take care of the hardware setup, the software installations, system upgrades, data backup processes, security setup and the integration with merchant banks so your clients' payments will go to your bank directly. We also monitor the servers and provide free technical support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a suite of easy-to-use and powerful services that help you manage your clients, inventory, expenses, invoices and payments. We are dedicated to making your job easier and helping you successfully run your business beginning with invoicing, business accounting, financing, taxes and client communication.

Easy to use - No manuals

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We believe online invoicing systems should be easy to use. We work to constantly improve the system so that you can use it easily and efficiently. Your clients can easily pay you online. Some tips and helpful advice are provided in the context.

Secure encryption, data backup

InvoiceTab uses strong SSL encryption. All your communication with our server is securely protected and encrypted. We also allow you to setup InvoiceTab to password-protect PDF invoices sent via email.

Professional invoice templates

professional template

We designed our system to support different invoice templates. We are working to add more professional-looking invoice templates so that you can pick one that fits your business.

Customization meets your uniqueness


Much customization can be done in the settings of InvoiceTab as we understand you have a unique organization. InvoiceTab is designed to allow added or extended customization logic easily. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.